Ariat Terms of Purchase

Last Updated: December 10, 2020


These Terms apply to your purchase(s) from the (“Website”) of products and accessories available for purchase. These Terms, and the Terms of Use govern all purchases you make on this Website.

No purchase for Resale. The Website is intended solely for Ariat to sell Ariat products directly to customers for their own private business use, and therefore purchase of products for resale is strictly prohibited. “Purchase for resale” means the purchase of Ariat products by someone who resells, or intends to resell, the Ariat product to others (including consumers, businesses, or any other third party). If Ariat believes you are involved in purchase for resale, Ariat reserves the right to take any action against you, including, without limitation, to restrict sales to you, cancel your orders, and/or suspend or close your account.

Price and Payment. Prices advertised on this Website do not include applicable sales taxes or shipping charges. Your total price (including taxes and shipping charges) will be specified in the final checkout screen and stated on your purchase receipt provided via e-mail to the e-mail address provided with order. We recommend that you print or download your purchase receipt for future reference. Orders are not binding upon Ariat until accepted by Ariat. Ariat reserves the right to cancel orders as set forth in these Terms and the Terms of Use. Discounts or special offers available with your Website account may be automatically reflected with the purchase price in the shopping cart once you log in using your Website account.

We accept the methods of payment listed on the Website. We may authorize and charge your payment method at the time of purchase for the value of your order plus any applicable taxes and shipping charges. You authorize us to charge your payment method when we bill you for the charges incurred by you. For security, we reserve the right to cancel any order in which the billing name and address does not match that of the payment method used for payment.

Order Quantities. We reserve the right to require minimum bulk quantities for orders. We further reserve the right to limit quantities included in an order.

Inspection of Products. You must examine the purchased items when you receive them. If any item is damaged or defective, you must notify Ariat by contacting Ariat Customer Service in accordance with our Returns Policy.

Shipping and Returns. We ship and deliver products to you in accordance with our Shipping & Returns Policy, which are incorporated by reference into these Terms of Purchase. Products can be shipped only to a single delivery address in the United States. Title (i.e., ownership) and risk of loss for all goods ordered pass to you when the goods are delivered to the carrier for shipment.

In addition, the following terms apply to any customized order we receive on the Website:

For Customized and Embroidered Goods.


Reprints, Returns and Refunds. All orders for printed or embroidered goods are considered customized orders. We have no obligation to accept a return or reprint or refund an order unless there the product or embroidery service is determined to be defective in accordance with Ariat policy. In addition to the other terms provided on the Website, we are not responsible for:

·       Spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors made by the customer.

·       Inferior quality or low-resolution of uploaded images.

·       Design errors introduced by the customer in the document creation process.

·       Errors in user-selected options such as choice of finish, quantity or product type.

·       Damage to the products arising after delivery to the end user.

·       The differentiation of colors and sizes as they appear on the computer screen of the end user during the ordering process prior to processing, as compared to the finished products.

·       Any color shift in converted images with black, near black, or gray tones. Proofs do not guarantee black, near black or gray final output.

·       Effect of the application of digitization services upon the appearance of printed colors. We are not responsible for the final color appearance.

If you believe your order is defective or has not otherwise met your requirements, please contact your Account Representative or Ariat Crew Customer Service at (877) 284-8389 or  [email protected] within 14 business days of receiving your order. If you do not contact us within this time frame, we have no obligation to accept a return or provide a refund or reprint. Once you have contacted us, we will determine if a reprint or refund is appropriate, or to advise you that more information is needed to process your inquiry. We reserve the right to request samples of any allegedly defective merchandise. If we request additional information to verify an inquiry and it is not provided within a reasonable time, we will be under no obligation to accept a return or provide a refund or reprint.

NOTE: TIME SENSITIVE MATERIALS - If you have dated or time sensitive material (i.e., it has a specific date by which it must be delivered or that you must have it in your hands), please plan accordingly. Product turnaround times and shipping times are estimates only. Leave plenty of time to receive your order and do not rely on turnaround times or shipping times meeting their minimum targets (e.g., if the turnaround time is 5 to 7 days, do not assume 5 days). We strongly suggest that you plan the desired production turnaround and shipping times so the order is received at least 30 days in advance. If multiple products are involved, use the product with the longest turnaround and delivery time as the guide for all products in the order.