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Corporate Safety Shoe Programs from Ariat Crew

We’re here to keep your crew on safe and solid footing. Ariat’s corporate safety shoe programs provide industry-leading comfort, value, and durability. Our footwear can rise to the challenge of your daily grind—and look good doing it. Whether your team operates in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, or another field altogether, we’ll work with you to create an easy and seamless employee footwear program that delivers the perfect fit.

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An Employee Footwear Program for All Safety Standards

men lace up footwearWe offer a diverse range of safety boots and shoes—this allows us to ensure that our protective footwear programs meet your company’s safety requirements. Available safety footwear options include: 

  • All of our safety toe footwear options provide the same level of crush resistance (ASTM F2413), with carbon and composite toe styles offering additional benefits. 
    • Steel toe styles for highly cost-effective protection
    • Composite toe styles work in electronic security work environments
    • Carbon toe styles for lighter weight but uncompromised protection
  • Fully non-metallic safety footwear that can pass through metal detectors without any issues. 
  • Puncture resistant work boots that meet or exceed all foot surface protection standards— Ariat offerings are ASTM F2413 PR rated.
  • Static dissipative footwear that reduces electrical buildup and provides a level of electrical shock protection. Our SD footwear meets either ASTM F2413 or F2892 requirements.
  • Metatarsal protective footwear that utilizes XRD Extreme Impact Protection Metatarsal Guards to adhere to ASTM 2413 Mt safety standards.
  • CSA certified work boots that meet all Canadian safety footwear specifications


Customize Your Employee Boot Program 

We understand that every work environment comes with its own unique challenges, and that no two pairs of feet are exactly alike. That’s why our corporate safety shoe programs can be built from scratch with a number of different shoe styles to make sure all of your team members are comfortable and satisfied.

mens lace up footwear Pull-on and Lace-up Options

Ariat pull-on work boots are a popular choice in many work settings. Their easy-on, easy-off design can be beneficial in environments where workers need to frequently change their footwear. In addition to being made with a whole host of optional safety features, our pull-on boots are available in both leather and synthetic styles.


Our lace-up work boots and shoes are an employee footwear program staple. We offer low-profile styles that reach to the base of the ankle, or substantial boot options that provide greater stability and coverage for much of the lower leg. Many styles are available in both 6” and 8” shafts.

Multiple Platform and Insole Choices

All shoes start with their platform. Ariat work boots and work shoes come in many different formulations. For harsh outdoor work environments such as oil and gas, we offer heavy duty platforms that deliver the maximum amount of stability, grip, protection, and cushioning. For mixed use settings, we offer platforms that provide a strong blend of traction, cushioning, and comfort. Our oil-resistant and slip-resistant options ensure that your crew stays safe on the job.

Ariat insoles are built to deliver comfort, cushioning, stability, and performance—each Ariat shoe and boot features an insole that has been optimized for its specific use. This can include full-length and extra-wide shanks to increase foot stability and reduce fatigue.

The Right Boot for All Weather

In many cases, the work doesn’t stop when the weather changes. We’re more than happy to design an employee boot program that includes waterproof and insulated boot options for your crew. All-day warmth and comfort will help to keep morale high. And for warmer environments, we offer a number of boots that incorporate Ariat VentTEK technology—built with integrated mesh panels, VentTEK footwear can provide generous ventilation and airflow.

Sizes that Accommodate All Feet

When you’re developing a corporate shoe program, you want to be sure that all employees can find a pair of shoes that fits them properly…but sometimes this is easier said than done. Luckily, Ariat’s Big Rig Series offers extended sizing up to 16—making sure the whole crew is covered. Additionally, our footwear can accommodate those with broader feet and is available in widths up to EEEE. While shoes definitely aren’t one-size-fits-all, we’ll help you develop an employee footwear program that is a good fit for your whole team.


Flexible Purchasing Options

There are a number of different ways to set up corporate safety shoe programs. The best choice will come down to you and your crew’s specific needs. During the onboarding process, wms lace up we’ll walk you through your options and help you determine the perfect fit for your organization. There are three general ways that corporate shoe programs can be organized. 


Group Buy: A group buy will allow you to buy Ariat footwear in bulk for your team. We’ll provide a consultation in order to determine the specific boot or shoe models that match up best with  your particular work situation. By bulk buying, you’ll save money on your order. 


Approved Company Spend: An approved company spend allows you to set aside a specific amount of money that each employee can use towards a pair of Ariat safety footwear. An Ariat account manager will set up an online portal complete with logins and footwear budgets for each qualifying employee in your company. Crew members can then login and purchase their own footwear using their allotted budget. If they decide to exceed their approved budget, they will receive a discount on the remainder of their footwear purchase. 


Shoppable Catalog: We’ll work with you to create a catalog of suitable footwear options that your crew members can browse and choose from. This allows employees to have a say in what they wear, while still ensuring that their choice ultimately meets all workplace safety requirements.


How to Get Started

For nearly 30 years, Ariat has been on the forefront of footwear technology, comfort, safety, and style. We’ll put that expertise to work creating a safety footwear program that meets all your safety needs and exceeds all your expectations. 

mens pull on footwear


To get the process started, please fill out the registration form using the link below. This form will allow us to learn a bit about your company and unique needs. Your dedicated account manager will then reach out to get more details and begin building your employee shoe program. We’re excited to get started!


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