Ariat Crew Company Apparel

Outfitting your team with Ariat Crew company apparel and footwear is simple. It's a

great way to show your appreciation for your crew and to provide them with the

highest quality workwear and safety gear there is.

Easy as 1-2-3

There are a few ways to set your team up with Ariat Crew company apparel. An Ariat account manager can help you decide which option works best for your team.


  • Group Buy: Order apparel and footwear for your whole crew and save.

  • Approved Company Spend: You set the budget, and let your crew do the shopping.

  • Shoppable Catalog: A custom shoppable catalog from which your crew can place their own orders.


Your dedicated account manager can also help you customize apparel with your company logo. Here’s how to get started:


  1. Fill out the form below.

  2. Your dedicated account manager will contact you to learn more about your team and its needs.

  3. Your account manager will then set up your account with either Group Buy or Approved Company Spend options. Your manager will help you from beginning to end. 


Contact an Account Manager to Learn More


Group Buy Company Apparel

Group buying, or bulk buying, is a great way to

outfit your team with the best Ariat Crew gear.

We’ll help you find the clothing and footwear that

meet or exceed your safety requirements, then

send everything to you. You can also customize

Ariat Crew clothing with your company logo.


Learn More About Customization


Set an Approved Company Spend for Your Team

If you need more flexibility in gearing up your crew, ask us about

setting up an Approved Company Spend Account for your

company apparel. Your dedicated account manager will set up an

online portal for your employees to shop for safety gear and apparel,

and you can set apparel budgets for each employee. They shop, you

pay, and we handle everything else. If an employee runs out of

Approved Spend, they can buy Ariat Crew apparel on their

own at a discounted price.


Connect with an Account Manager

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Shoppable Company Apparel Catalogs

Your Ariat Crew dedicated account manager will help you determine all of the company apparel and footwear

options that work for your crew and will put together a catalog that your team can order from individually. 

Connect with an Account Manager

End-to-End Service

Expect nothing less than the best from Ariat Crew. Your dedicated account manager will help you through

the process of planning and ordering for your crew, eliminating any guesswork. This includes setting up your

account for Group Buy or Approved Company Spend, helping you decide what footwear and company

apparel your crew needs, and setting up customization with your logo.


How to Get Started with Your Team’s Custom Work Apparel

Joining Ariat Crew is easy. To learn more about custom work apparel, or to get started, tell us a little about yourself and your crew:


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FAQs About Ariat Custom Work Apparel

  • Is there a minimum team size for Ariat Crew?

    • No. For Group Buy accounts, there is no minimum team size, and for Approved Company Spend there is no annual minimum amount.

  • Is there an order minimum or annual spend requirement for custom work apparel?

    • No. There is no annual spend requirement to maintain your account with Ariat Crew and there is no minimum order amount per order.

  • How large will my logo be on my custom work apparel?

    • Logo sizes vary depending on placement. 

  • Where can I place my logo? 

    • Your logo can be embroidered on the chest or above the pocket, on sleeves, and on the back of shirts and jackets. 

  • Can footwear be customized with my logo?

    • No, at this time only tops and jackets can be customized with company logos.

  • Do we get to proof my custom work apparel before ordering? 

    • Ariat Crew offers an electronic image of a sample of your embroidered logo for approval before ordering.